Mission, Vision & Core Values


Kelly International Security Service is passionately committed to providing high-quality commercial security solutions and exceptional service at a fair and reasonable cost.


We strive to be a recognized as a leader among regional commercial security integrators and an industry expert – a company committed to strategic growth, capitalizing on the unique strengths and advantages of a family owned and operated corporation.

Core Values


We are dedicated to conducting business in an honest and ethical manner. As the industry evolves and we identify new opportunities, we keep the best interest of the customer at the center of our decisions and provide professional opinions tailored to individual customer needs. We work tirelessly to meet our obligations and strive for superior performance.


The best innovations are ineffective if not installed and serviced properly. We take the time to ensure that our work is done exceptionally well. Our team takes pride in offering a level of service that will surpass your expectations.


We make it our responsibility to understand the business of our customers. We work closely alongside our clients and the solutions we provide are not “one-size-fits-all”; individual needs and challenges are met. We are committed to collaboration, both within our organization and with our customers.


Our highest priority is a satisfied customer and we understand that satisfaction is not attained by merely completing a job. Fostering long-term, meaningful relationships has been critical to our past success and unquestionably will be part of our future. We communicate openly and listen actively.

Responsiveness & Reliability

We are always available for our customers and they can expect us to honor our commitments. If a problem arises, it will receive the attention it deserves. We are proud to serve our customers and work diligently to earn and keep the business we attain.


Doing the right thing, even when no one is watching. We take immense pride in doing the right thing simply because it is the right thing. Details are critical. We have the courage to follow a strong moral compass and we place great emphasis on developing and sustaining a strong positive and ethical culture.