Educational Facility Security Solutions

Our elementary, secondary, and post-secondary schools require a certain level of safety and security to ensure that our children can learn in a safe and comfortable environment. In the wake of recent heinous and unthinkable incidents at out our schools, proper security is more imperative than ever.

Kelly International Security Service will work with you to help keep your school or campus safe. Our access control systems will keep buildings and classrooms secure. With identification badges, you control who has access to which areas and if lost, badges can easily be deactivated, unlike keys. Intercom systems can allow your staff to view and communicate with visitors before they enter the building, allowing entry points to remain locked at all times during the day. Video surveillance captures visitors as they enter and exit the facility. These images can be recorded and saved in the event they need to be retrieved for investigations.

Keeping your buildings secure will help ensure that your students, teachers and staff can learn and work in a safe environment. One incident is one too many.

  • Keep buildings locked and restrict access only to faculty, staff, and students
  • State-of-the-art cameras and CCTV systems allow staff and security teams to view multiple areas from one station
  • Record and store high-quality video
school security camera

Decades of experience keeping educational facilities safe & secure

Kelly International Security Service will help you understand the security risks your school or campus faces and make recommendations that will keep your faculty, students, staff, and visitors safe.

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