Environmental Monitoring

The protection and safety of your employees, customers, patients, or assets does not end with security products. Environmental monitoring is necessary if your business or operation depends on control of environmental factors that we cannot see. This is especially important with freezers, refrigeration systems, and server rooms

As these systems become more and more complex it’s imperative to have the right environmental monitoring solution in place. Early detection of problems can result in huge savings. Finding out there’s a problem when it’s too late can be financially crippling. KISS will perform a full risk assessment to help you determine your most urgent needs and points of vulnerability.

Our environmental monitoring solutions can identify problems with & allow you to control:

  • Power failure
  • Temperature levels
  • Humidity and water levels
  • Gas levels (e.g., carbon monoxide)
environmental monitoring

Large or small facility, the right environmental monitoring solution is a cost-effective investment

As the saying goes, don’t be “penny-wise and dollar-foolish”. Investing in the right environmental monitoring solutions can help prevent spoilage, waste, damage, toxic conditions, power failures, and more. Let KISS show you how you can protect you valuable investments and make your facility safer.


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