Service & Maintenance Contracts

Why Should I Purchase a Service Contract?

Many customers are curious why a service contract is necessary. These contracts are similar to an insurance policy – you never really understand why you have it until you need to use it. At Kelly International Security Service, we will tailor a contract that covers what should be covered and nothing more. Unlike other companies, we pass along to our customers one-year of the manufacturer’s warranties so the first year after install is covered for free. Beyond that, no cost for repairs, travel, or labor…ever*.

Benefits Include:

  • 24/7/365 customer service and support
  • Priority service and rapid response time within 24 hours
  • No cost for repair of failed equipment
  • No cost for travel and labor
  • Inspection of all components of equipment once repaired
  • Annual system inspection and maintenance
  • Re-training on systems

*Certain terms and conditions apply. Please refer to the contract for details.

Annual System Inspection & Maintenance:

Access Control

Access Control Systems

  • Visual system inspection
  • Inspect readers, controllers and connections
  • Inspect keypads to ensure proper functionality
  • Inspect software and computer running software

Video Surveillance

CCTV Systems

  • Inspect all cameras and housings
  • Re-focus cameras and adjust angles
  • Inspect camera mounts
  • Inspect recording device(s) and all incoming connections
  • Inspect software and computer running software

Alarm Systems

Alarm Systems

  • Visual system inspection
  • Inspect all contacts, motion sensors, locks, entrances and exits
  • Check controller connections
  • Test power supply to ensure proper functionality
  • Check system signal